February 15, 2013

by Jasen Arias of Studio Moirae

(photos by Studio Moirae)

We all know that wedding  trends are moving targets, and the photos are no exception. Brides are no longer content with the traditional images with her family and new husband. Wedding photography trends are on the move and starting to include requests for more of an edge and focus on fashion. Images  can often take more time out of your special day. Unfortunately there are still only 24 hours in that day and there is still nothing that can be done about what time the sun sets.  So let’s look at how your day might potential play out.

8:00 A.M.: Your wedding day starts out bright and early. The ceremony is at 5pm so you can catch the 6pm sunset in your photos.  Since the reception starts at 7pm, you have more than enough time to celebrate with the 150 of your closest family and friends. Everything is timed perfectly with room to spare. You have checked with all of your vendors, your friends and family are all accounted for, this is going to be a perfect day.

9:30 A.M.: Friends and family start showing up to start the excitement of your day. Before you know it, you have had breakfast and you are on your way to an 11am hair and make-up appointment. Your photographer shows up at noon to catch all the excitement as you transform from bed-head to stunning bride in just a few short hours. It’s in that moment you hug your mom, your best friend and realize that in roughly 2 hours you will be walking down the aisle to start a new journey in your life. Now is the time to get in your dress. The photographer catches every angle, every moment, every emotion.

3:30 P.M.: You and your fiancé decided beforehand that you wanted to do a first look with the photographer. You are anxiously sitting, dreaming and tapping while you wait for your photographer to tell you it’s time. As you walk around the corner, you can see the future standing in front of you. His hands clasped together, giant smile on his face and the hint of a tear in his eye. It was a perfect moment and you have the perfect photos to remember it by.

4:00 P.M.: You have to be done by 4:30 to get ready for the ceremony so you sneak in a few formal portraits with your bridesmaids and groomsmen. The ceremony goes off without a hitch. A few tears, a few laughs and a load of moments to remember. You are running 10 minutes late, but what wedding doesn’t run a little late at some point. After all, you can’t rush Grandma.

5:50 P.M. : You walk back down the aisle. Trying to avoid your guests so you can catch the 6:07pm sunset, crazy Uncle Frank grabs your hand to give you a hug and tell you a short story about his wedding. You look at the sun and check in with your photographer who tells you that you still have 15-20 min after the sun goes down to get the sunset photos. You still have to get family photos and a full bridal party portrait. You remember telling both sides of the family to be available for photos directly after the ceremony, so no problem. As you gather the group, you see good ole Uncle Frank grabbing refreshments for everyone at the bar. You can tell his hands are full so you send your brother to help him. On your brothers way back he gets stopped by his best friend who steals a couple drinks out of his hands. You’re kinda starting to freak out, but then tell yourself…”relax, it will all work out”.

6:25 P.M.: You are wrapping up those family photos. No time for that awesome bridal party shot you wanted. You now only have 7 minutes of orange tones left on the horizon, so you and the photographers rush to a perfect spot where you can see the sky. Just as the color fades from the horizon you get one nice pose and a couple clicks. Not quite what you wanted and you start to worry about the photos you missed. What is your album going to look like without those images. Is there that iconic image you will want enlarged. What about the artistic shots of just you and your husband. Oh no! Dang that Uncle Frank, my Brothers best friend AND Grandma! This is their fault! If we only had another 20 minutes, this would have been perfect! Then you look over at the photographer with different type of tears in your eyes. That is when they tell you not to worry and remind you that you booked a “Day After” shoot. Once you remember that, you exhale with a huge sigh of relief. Your red eyes look happy again, and you realize you can get all of those images you wanted. . . . .and more.

6:45 P.M.: The planner approaches to tell you that you have 10 minutes till the DJ announces the bridal party. The excitement returns to your evening as you think about getting some food, refreshments and dance moves. No worrying about photos. . . .now you only hope that those new shoes don’t give you blisters before the night is over. Cuz you are rockin those glittery kicks and they are NOT coming off.

All too often brides are forced to decide between having a sunset ceremony or sunset photos. Most of the time couples cross their fingers and try to time it to allow for both. This not only rushes and adds stress, but can also leave them disappointed with photos or moments they didn’t get. Definitely not the way anyone should feel at any point during their wedding day and especially not after walking down the aisle. That’s why we are starting to see couples opting for a “Day After” shoot. Allowing you not only to wear that fabulous dress and glittery kicks again, but it’s a perfect opportunity to take as much time as you need to get all of those incredible bridal portraits you dreamed of. No stress, no time constraints and no Uncle Frank. You have so many more options as well. Do you take additional photos at the same venue or if you had another special location. This is the perfect way to add an additional set of images to that incredible wedding collection that you always dreamed of and will now always have.




October 26, 2012

On April 28th, 2012, McCormick Ranch Golf Club had the honor of hosting the wedding of Nate and Nadine Bubeck. Nadine, a CBS-5 TV Personality and NadineOnTheScene.com Lifestyle Columnist, said her special day was “simply perfect”.

“Growing up in California, I always wanted to get married near water,” says Nadine, who fell in love with McCormick’s beautiful lake and Camelback Mountain backdrop. “The golf club is in our neighborhood; where Nate grew up… so it was not only stunning, but sentimental.”

Highlights of the wedding included a choreographed dance to “Long Ago and Far Away”, a five foot cake showcasing photographs of the newlyweds and an amazing fireworks spectacular.

Their Greek Orthodox ceremony was beautifully meaningful, concluding with the stepping of the glass, a Jewish wedding ritual. Their procession was all about The Beatles; Nadine walked down the aisle to “In My Life.”

The couple chose periwinkle and orange as their color scheme, what Nadine describes as “a spring-time joyful mix.” Nadine made sure to add a lot of personal touches, and the couple even smashed plates to celebrate their union (a Greek tradition).

As a kicker, their wedding was infused with video cameras because they were featured on TLC’s “Four Weddings,” a competitive reality show. Even though they didn’t win, Nate and Nadine agree their wedding was about a marriage, and they wouldn’t have changed a thing. “We’re now living our happily-ever-after,” said Nadine, “that’s the best prize of all.”

Photos by Tracy Kreck of Photographic Passion | Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid | Cake: Sugar Sugar Cake Studio | Catering: McCormick Ranch Golf Club | Chair Decor: Fabulous Linens | Coordination: McCormick Ranch Golf Club | Dance Classes: Robert Blair of Ambiant Dance | Dramatic Dress Alterations: Nordstrom Fashion Square | Flowers: Rita’s Floral Designs | Invitations: The Invitation Lady | Makeup and Hair: Heather Peterson of Pure Radiance Bridal | Music: Jason Christopher of Muscleman Music & More | Officiant: Fr. Virgil Suciu | Venue: McCormick Ranch Golf Club | Videography: Peter Kertz Photography, The Story is Told | Wedding Dress: Priscilla of Boston

October 26, 2012

By Robert Ballew, internationally printed freelanceWardrobe Stylist-Costumer, is assigned between Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Scottsdale. He is known for his successful local, national and international, print, runway and film assignments. His love for architecture and over 20 years in the fashion industry, play a critical role in his approach to revealing confidence and style in models and real people all over the world.

JACKET. You may select a single, two or three-button black tux jacket. If you have a long torso, a three button may be the best place to start. To confirm you have the correct length jacket, place your hands down to your side. You should be able to wrap the tips of your fingers over the bottom edge of the jacket hem.

TROUSER. The waist should be measured no lower than an inch below the belly button, however if you normally wear your pants higher than this make sure to tell the tailor, so your trousers will be comfortable for you to wear. You can measure with or without your shoes. The measurement should be taken from the top of the pants down the side to the bottom of your heel. There should be very little brake to none (I like none). The hem should shiver on the top of the shoe, NOT puddle.

SHIRT. Your white tux shirt should be measured from the middle of the base of the neck, across the shoulder and down the arm about an inch below the wrist. For around the neck you should be able to put no more than two fingers between the tape measure and your neck. There should be very little blousing around the torso or excess shirt tails. The fit should be comfortable and clean. Minimizing the tuck in tails and blousing, minimizes the bulk tucked in your trouser and under your jacket. Your shirt collar style is up to you, “lay down” and “wing tip” are the most common.

TIE OR BOW TIE. Decide between a bow tie or a traditional tie. Pay attention to match to the jacket lapel, if in satin especially. The satin sheen can vary, be insistent, don’t let the salesperson hand you one willy-nilly, this is YOUR investment.

SHOE. We know if you rent a tux, they give you the shoes to wear, but those can be spotted a mile away and probably feel as if they have been worn a million more. If you are investing in a tuxedo, then go the extra ile and purchase your own formal shoes. Any fine department store, such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom or Bloomingdale’s will be able to assist in selecting the proper one. Tie or slip-on, it’s totally up to you. Tom Ford, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, Ted BAker and so many more are available to choose from… have a little fun!

Photos – Sara Johnson Photography
Models – Recio Jackson Courtier Ford Models
Hair – Veronica Peebles – Salon Stylush
Clothing – Mr. Formal