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October 26, 2012

By Stephanie Nault.  Stephanie has been doing makeup for over seven years with experience in photography, television, film, fashion, runway, wedding and event work.

When deciding the perfect eye makeup for your wedding day, keep in mind these simple bridal tips and tricks.

PLAY UP THE EYES. The flash of a professional photographer’s camera can reduce the appearance of makeup, so it is best to add more makeup than you think you should. Even if you are feeling it is too heavy, you will be pleasantly surprised when you see your pictures. This does not mean add dark colors, such as blacks and grays. It simply means you may need to add a slightly deeper shade in the color family you are using. For a soft brown smokey eye, add deeper shades of brown or burgundy to create the look. A plum eye can have maroon or richer purples for a concentrated color addition.

Using shadows with a satin or matte finish will have the best effect in your pictures. High shimmers are more reflective and can create an area for the flash to bounce off. Applying a darker shade of eye shadow on the lid will create a more dramatic look. I suggest a complimentary, lighter color to blend into the crease if you choose this style of eye makeup. Using a deeper shadow in the crease, with a lighter lid, creates shape in the eye and shows more of the lash line definition.

ADD LINER AND LASHES. Eye makeup with a defined liner and lash addition helps to create a distinguishing look in the makeup. Choose a dark liner for the top lash line for the best result. There will also need to be a lower lash liner as well. This helps for definition in pictures so your eye does not appear to be “floating”. A smoked out shadow used close to the lash line or darker line in the waterline are great under the eye options.

Faux lashes can be a choice made with hesitation on a wedding day. Understandably, comfort is a concern. As far as choosing the best lashes for your day, the suggestion I give to brides is to find a pair that enhances the makeup but does not overpower the look. Add lots of mascara after the lashes have been applied. This helps to pull your own lashes into the faux lashes as they dry, and makes them more comfortable

WATERPROOF IS A MUST. A wedding day is an emotional day even for the strongest of women. Brides have said they are not easily emotional, but mention they did get teary eyed during the ceremony and that the eye makeup stayed on through those tears. Although I do not recommend waterproof mascara for everyday, for the big day it is a rule of thumb.

BRIDAL KNOWHOW. For the best result to maintain your eye makeup look, dab or press a tissue into the eye area to soak up tears or sweat. Do not rub. This will absorb the excess moisture without altering the makeup and allow the makeup to stay on for hours after.

Take into consideration the style of eye makeup you do on a daily basis and kick it up a notch for your big day. With these tips and tricks, you will be ready for your I DO moment.

Photo by: Sara Johnson Photography
Bridal Gown: Jennyvi Dizon Couture
Hair: Veronica Peebles Salon Stylush
Makeup: Stephanie Nault
Model: Recio Jackson Courtier/ Ford Models

March 21, 2012

  1. Get your Beauty Sleep.  The old adage of getting beauty rest and drinking plenty of water holds true.  This will improve the look and feel of your skin.  Even though there are last minute details and nerves to contend with, it is important for the long day and celebration ahead.
  2. The Look. Go with a look that is similar to your daily routine.  Many brides object to this because they want to look made up on their day, but you will.  Having an artist to do your makeup, even if it is the same look you do, will look different because of the techniques and styles.  Making too drastic of a look change, such as doing a very sultry, smoky, eye when you wear minimal makeup will not have the best results.
  3. Find Examples. It is great to find pictures of the look you are going for.  This will convey a clear picture of what you want.  Several times the same description, when spoken, can have two very different ideas.  By being specific, you will help the artist create the look you want to achieve.
  4. Touch Ups. Having the necessary touch up makeup is also important.  A blotting powder, or a powder to reduce shine that does not add to the face is a must.  MAC blot powder comes in several shades.  It’s perfect for after the wedding day too if you need a quick pick-me-up after work.
  5. Lips. Lip products are important.  If you are not wearing a long wear product, you will need a lipstick or gloss to finish your look once it has been kissed to your groom.  A soft neutral color works best, unless a bold lip goes with the overall makeup look.  Eye makeup, foundation and cheek color should last throughout the day without any problems.

By Stephanie Nault –

Stephanie Nault has been doing makeup for over seven years with experience in photography, television, film, fashion, runway, wedding and event work.