October 26, 2012

Q: My Fiance and I are getting married in April of 2013 at my parent’s home. What are some of the most important things to think about when planning an outdoor wedding.

A: Outdoor weddings are indeed quite fabulous here in April. A few precautions to think about when planning your outdoor celebration:

Restrooms – Don’t forget your guests on this one. Sometimes the house is off limits (if it is, and you are a stickler, considering hiring security), so you may need to have a restroom company come and do portable restrooms – not the ugly blue plastic ones, but they have companies that have restrooms that are sometimes nicer than the ones inside the home. You may do a portable restroom in addition to home restrooms as well. Consider your guest size here.

Plan B – April is a beautiful time of year, but it is also a very temperamental month with weather. Consider your options – whether you have a rental company home out and mock up a tent option or move it in the house, keep it on your radar so you aren’t high stress if the weather is mentioning rain.

Hire a Planner – home weddings are often must more complicated than a wedding at a venue, you have to literally bring everything from rentals, to food, to staff into your home and making it all work cohesively can be a daunting task, planners are crucial for home weddings.

Valet – Don’t forget you are going to need help with parking, and your guests will definitely not walk in heels. Hire in valet to make your life and your guests experience pleasant.

Q: We have 2 photographers, 2 videographers, a DJ, and a wedding planner. Do we have to feed these people on our wedding night?

A: Rule of thumb, feed all of the vendors who are providing a service during dinner (minus the catering staff – there meals are provided at no charge to you through the catering company). The vendors that are there during dinner have either been there all day, or came early to setup (ie. Your DJ). That means at some point in the night they are going to get hungry. It’s a nice gesture for you to offer your vendors (who are there during this time) dinner. Vendors prefer hot meals – and it certainly doesn’t have to be the same meal your guests are getting, but if you don’t have it in your budget, lunches are will suffice for the evening. Also, it is nice to invite your Officiant as a guest, after all, they are marrying you. Most Officiants will decline, but always have a space for them if they don’t.

Q: My Grandparents are traveling from back East and will not arrive in time for rehearsal the day before my wedding. Do my Grandparents have to be in the ceremony?

A: Don’t cut anyone out if they can’t attend rehearsal. Especially Grandparents, they feel great honor being apart of your ceremony. If you have a great planner, the planner will fill them in prior to ceremony, let them know where to sit, when to walk, how to walk back, etc. Even if you have any wedding party member that may miss rehearsal, it’s ok if you have a planner to assist you. If not, consider putting your Maid of Honor in charge of the duty. It will be a great memory to have them in the ceremony as well.

As a wedding planner, we are hired to help with worst case scenarios on wedding day. Here are a few things to avoid on wedding day to make things flow really smooth.

One of our Brides hung her dress on a ceiling sprinkler in her hotel room. When they went to gently take it off, the sprinkler broke and out came black water from the old pipes. Her dress was soaked in black water and the hotel room flooded. As planners, we called in the hotel dry cleaner (that wasn’t on property that day) because no other dry cleaner would take her dress day-of, 4 hours before ceremony, we also called her bridal salon and they were able to bring her a new dress just in case. Luckily, the dry cleaner was able to clean her dress, and she wore her white gown, on her big day.

You have a home wedding, and your wedding guests are sneaking into your rooms… yikes, call in security and kick them out. This scenario can be avoided if you hire security to begin with. Remember, your planner or catering company is not home security, so have an alternative option, because it may happen, especially if you have a young fun group. Also, plan on having transportation set-up for drunk guests or taxi cabs ready to be called. This way you can avoid any problems if guests want to leave because of intoxication. Also, keep your bartenders prepared to watch out for a rowdy group so guests don’t get over-served.

Sometimes people forget to RSVP (your wedding party may wait last minute on this too, so keep on them) or sometimes RSVPs were lost in the mail. To avoid these types of situations, RSVPs that didn’t come back, put in a phone call to your guests and make sure you know if they are attending or regretfully declining. If they do show up, tell your wedding planner or banquet manager right away to avoid seating issues.

Amina Michele is a wedding planner and entertainment & style expert sharing all her knowledge with you. Ask her anything.


Photo by: Hagerty Photography

October 26, 2012

By Stephanie Nault.  Stephanie has been doing makeup for over seven years with experience in photography, television, film, fashion, runway, wedding and event work.

When deciding the perfect eye makeup for your wedding day, keep in mind these simple bridal tips and tricks.

PLAY UP THE EYES. The flash of a professional photographer’s camera can reduce the appearance of makeup, so it is best to add more makeup than you think you should. Even if you are feeling it is too heavy, you will be pleasantly surprised when you see your pictures. This does not mean add dark colors, such as blacks and grays. It simply means you may need to add a slightly deeper shade in the color family you are using. For a soft brown smokey eye, add deeper shades of brown or burgundy to create the look. A plum eye can have maroon or richer purples for a concentrated color addition.

Using shadows with a satin or matte finish will have the best effect in your pictures. High shimmers are more reflective and can create an area for the flash to bounce off. Applying a darker shade of eye shadow on the lid will create a more dramatic look. I suggest a complimentary, lighter color to blend into the crease if you choose this style of eye makeup. Using a deeper shadow in the crease, with a lighter lid, creates shape in the eye and shows more of the lash line definition.

ADD LINER AND LASHES. Eye makeup with a defined liner and lash addition helps to create a distinguishing look in the makeup. Choose a dark liner for the top lash line for the best result. There will also need to be a lower lash liner as well. This helps for definition in pictures so your eye does not appear to be “floating”. A smoked out shadow used close to the lash line or darker line in the waterline are great under the eye options.

Faux lashes can be a choice made with hesitation on a wedding day. Understandably, comfort is a concern. As far as choosing the best lashes for your day, the suggestion I give to brides is to find a pair that enhances the makeup but does not overpower the look. Add lots of mascara after the lashes have been applied. This helps to pull your own lashes into the faux lashes as they dry, and makes them more comfortable

WATERPROOF IS A MUST. A wedding day is an emotional day even for the strongest of women. Brides have said they are not easily emotional, but mention they did get teary eyed during the ceremony and that the eye makeup stayed on through those tears. Although I do not recommend waterproof mascara for everyday, for the big day it is a rule of thumb.

BRIDAL KNOWHOW. For the best result to maintain your eye makeup look, dab or press a tissue into the eye area to soak up tears or sweat. Do not rub. This will absorb the excess moisture without altering the makeup and allow the makeup to stay on for hours after.

Take into consideration the style of eye makeup you do on a daily basis and kick it up a notch for your big day. With these tips and tricks, you will be ready for your I DO moment.

Photo by: Sara Johnson Photography
Bridal Gown: Jennyvi Dizon Couture
Hair: Veronica Peebles Salon Stylush
Makeup: Stephanie Nault
Model: Recio Jackson Courtier/ Ford Models

October 26, 2012

By Lauren Melby
Some Like it Classic Wedding & Event Design

Each bride’s vision is very unique and these tips can be customized to fit many wedding themes. When choosing accessories, the most important tip to keep in mind is to not overpower your dress. The dress should be the focal point with the accessories worn as compliments. With a ball gown or princess dress, a simple string of diamonds or pearls is very elegant and gorgeous. With a mermaid style gown, a more predominant necklace is very flattering depending on how detailed the fitted dress is. If your theme steers more towards vintage lace, pearls are a great compliment, as well as touches of color that fit with your wedding palette. A glamorous theme calls for diamonds, and Marilyn says it best with, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Many components go into creating your dream-wedding look, and while the dress is obviously the most important piece to the puzzle, accessories can really take your wedding day look to the next level. The shape and extravagance of your dress should dictate which path you take when accessorizing. Also, the theme of your wedding as a whole should play a role into choosing the dress, and therefore accessories.

As with any other outfit, it is important to choose one piece of jewelry that will be the largest and will draw the most attention from your audience. This can be done with a beautiful jeweled bracelet, detailed necklace, or pair of chandelier earrings. As far as your fingers, it is best to only wear your engagement ring on that special day, since that is what the day is all about. Unless, of course, you have a sentimental ring that you always wear.

Think of your wedding look as a mural, and the dress is the first step to your masterpiece. Let your dress steer you to your perfect wedding accessories, and with these tips in mind, you will know when you have found the right pieces for your special day.

Photos: Diana Elizabeth Photography

Venue: The Felch House Inn

Event Stylist: Angela Saban Design

Bridal Gowns: Uptown Bridal and Boutique

Makeup: Aeni Domme

Hair: Vonn Wynn

Florals: The Garage By Ivy

Bridal Jewelry: Twice Loved Vintage